I'm specialized in
• Video production & Post-production of story-driven films
• documentaries, reportages & vlogs about traveling, outdoor tours, adventure stories, nature experiences and related topics
• Videos for online content (vlogs, reels, online courses)

What's in it for you?
• I am a nature lover and passionate outdoor enthusiast and know the needs and wishes of your customers.
• Through many expeditions, I have a strong perseverance to film in all weathers or under difficult conditions. 
• Thanks to several years working in a film studio, I have a precise approach, technical know-how and producing experience.
• My goal is a high-quality end product from which you and your customers really gain added value.

My motivation
There are so many places, nature and culture out there but humans are losing more and more the contact with Mother Nature. I want to to inspire people to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Also to share my experience with people who don't have the opportunity to get in touch with the wonderful and mysterious sites on our planet. 
The Passport Couple (YouTube Travel Vlogs)
"In our short time working with Jule, she has done a great job. She meets agreed-upon deadlines and delivers a quality product. She is open to feedback and implements edit changes promptly upon receiving them. She also shares her thoughts on how the edit could be improved and asks questions where clarification is needed. It is invaluable to have an outsiders perspective like this in our line of work."
Corinna Kaebel (sports video course)
"I shot a series of short sports videos with Julia Thonig's wonderful support. This is the first time I've had a professional camerawoman - and I have to say, I'm very impressed! Not only by the technical effort she put in as a matter of course until everything was just right, but also by her clear focus on a good end result.
She gives her all to achieve this - from patiently playing through different settings and being flexible in her approach to post-production, which only ends when the result is just right.
For example, I was able to simply talk to her behind the camera during filming, which made the unfamiliar situation much easier for me. She also realized my wishes during post-production with her professional eye in a way that I couldn't even have imagined.
I am very happy with the result and found working with her to be pleasantly uncomplicated and motivating at the same time. I look forward to further projects with her!"
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