Born 1995 in Saxony, Julia Thonig grew up next to the forest in the German countryside. After her Illustration studies at 'Akademie für Illustration and Design Berlin', she directed and produced her debut film and pilot episode ALPHONS’ ADVENTURES - The Bird God. She worked at Studio Film Bilder in post-production and as production supervisor for children’s tv series.
Julia feels close to nature and spends most of her free time hiking, climbing, cave surveying and trekking. These outdoor activities inspire her to create adventure films. Besides the animated series "Alphons Adventures", she also makes expedition films as a director and editor.

To offer a platform to connect the animation industry, she is the founder and organizer of the Stuttgart ANIMATION MEETUP as well as the Germany ANIMATION MEETUP.

directed by myself
2023: PILZE - WWW des Waldes (WT), WIP
Director, Concept, Artwork, Animatic, Animation
2D animated music video for the group 'Aus dem Staub'

Director, Script, Camera, Editing, Postproduction
cave surveying documentary  

Head of Project: Director, Producer, Script, Design, Animatic, Animation, Coloration, Compositing, Distribution 
pilot episode of 2D animated series, debut film 

for other projects
2021-2023: TURMSPRINGER (WT), WIP 
Associate Producer of a 2D animated music video by Oscar Bittner 
(Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) 

Producer of a 3D animated short by Nicolas Sperling 
(Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) 

Production Supervisor of 2D animated children’s tv series 
(Julia Ocker, Studio Film Bilder) 

2021 - 2022: LENA’S FARM (WIP) 
Production Supervisor and Coloration Supervisor of 2D animated children’s tv series 
(Elena Walf, Studio Film Bilder) 

Concept, Camera, Editing, Post-Production of an artist documentary 
(Studio Film Bilder)

Concept and Editing of the music video of the series PATCHWORK PALS 
(Angela Steffen, Studio Film Bilder) 

Clean up and Coloration Assistant at the 2D animated short by Sophia Schönborn 
(BFA Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf)

© Julia Thonig 2023
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