Julia Thonig is a German filmmaker and adventurer with a strong background in outdoor activities and adventure storytelling. 

With her love of nature and passion for the unknown, she goes on solo expeditions to indigenous peoples in Latin America, ventures into rugged remote mountain landscapes or explores new underground cave systems. 

With several years of experience as a producer in film studios as well as for her own animated and documentary works, she has a particularly great perseverance for film productions that uncover the secrets of our planet, document adventurous journeys and the lives of local people. 

Trekking auf 5100m hoch oben in den Anden.

Alphons' Adventures at festival / photo by Fadime Yilmaz

Animated adventures
After Julia's Illustration studies at 'Akademie für Illustration and Design Berlin', she directed and produced the award winning short  ALPHONS’ ADVENTURES - The Bird God, her debut film and pilot episode of a children's series. She worked at Studio Film Bilder in post-production and as production supervisor for kid's tv series.

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